Board Member Profile–Meet Our Newest Addition!

6c9180e9-4964-4887-bdd1-ddf394a65216My name is Lisa Hanley. I am the marketer for Baker Septic Tank Pumping Inc. and the owner of What A Pane Glass Studio. I have lived and worked locally for the last 11 years. While that chunk of time won’t qualify me as a local, it has certainly given me the opportunity to become quite invested in the welfare of our community. It is for that very reason that I work for Baker Septic, a family owned, 3rd generation led company that has strong roots in Ferndale. We take great pride in delivering excellent service as we take care of our customers, any time, day or night.
I believe that a community’s success stems in large part from thriving businesses, educational opportunities, job creation and enough resources for those in need. I am excited by the prospect of playing an active role as a board member, in any capacity necessary, to help foster Ferndale’s continued growth and wellness. I am especially interested in helping low income families learn about what options are available to them, and lessening any feelings of disenfranchisement they might be experiencing.