Neighborhood Parks

Bender Neighborhood Park

This park is located off Thornton Road, near Eagleridge Elementary School and Clearview High School.

Cedar Creek Neighborhood Park

Cedar Creek Neighborhood Park is located off Sunshine Drive and Tyler Lane. It is a 3.5-acre park with half-court basketball, picnic tables, a large field, a creek and playground.

Flair Neighborhood Park

Flair Park features half-court basketball, picnic tables and shade trees on 1.5 acres of land. The park is located on Poplar Place, off Douglas Road.

Glacier View Natural Resource Area

This park is a nature area that includes a 4-acre parcel of wetland. It can be accessed off Thornton Road and sits along the north side Glacier Place.

Hastings City Park

This park overlooks the east side of the Nooksack River and has two picnic tables and a flat grassy open play area. It is an excellent park for downtown business people to enjoy their lunch because of its proximity to the downtown district, the Oxford Carnation businesses, and other businesses to the east.

Horizon View Neighborhood Park

This is a small one-acre park that features an open play area with shade trees located off Thornton Road and Cascade Drive.

Michael Moore Neighborhood Park

Michael Moore park sits on 3.5 acres and includes half-court basketball and playground equipment. It is located at the corner of W. Smith Road and Shields Drive.

Oxford Neighborhood Park

Located off Malloy Street, near Oxford Court, this park features a half-court basketball, one picnic table, playground equipment, two benches, a play field and a creek.

Star Park

The newest park in Ferndale was completed in June 2016 with the help of over 2000 volunteers. Located on Ferndale Road, behind Pioneer Park, this new structure boosts castles, bridges, swings, slides, monkey bars, teeter-totters, climbing walls, and much more.

Vista Ridge Neighborhood Park

Vista Ridge Park is located on the north side of Fulton Street, off Thornton Road. This 2.25-acre park has half-court basketball and playground equipment.