Our Mission

The business and purpose of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce shall be to improve the image of the business community in Ferndale, Washington; to increase pride in the community and to enhance and support quality economic growth. It shall also be to encourage open communication among citizenry, and to celebrate diversity of all within the community and to develop programs to accomplish these ideals.

Our Promise


We will strive for excellence in the presentation of your event, programs and services.


We will be honest and forthright in our dealings with members, the media, our volunteers, our staff and the community as a whole.

Excellence in Customer Service

We will offer exemplary service for our members and guests.


We will engage the talents and skills of our staff and volunteers  to work together towards achieving our Mission.

Fiscal Responsibility

We will be responsible stewards of the dues and sponsorship support we receive.


Our work will be punctuated with a strong sense of pride in our community.


We will protect our environment and history while fostering responsible growth in our organization and community.