Association of Washington Business Needs Your Input

AWB needs your input!

The Association of Washington Business (AWB) is working, in conjunction with many partners, toward the goal of doubling the state’s manufacturing employment base and the number of women- and minority-owned manufacturing businesses in 10 years. In order to accomplish this, we need to hear from many diverse members who may be considering growing or starting a manufacturing business.

In the 2021 legislative session, House Bill 1170 sponsored by Representative Matt Boehnke unanimously passed the legislature. This bill provides a state goal to double the state’s manufacturing employment base, the number of small manufacturing businesses, and the number of women- and minority-owned manufacturing businesses in 10 years. Boosting a diverse workforce is important to the overall success of this industry. Diverse employees present an incredible opportunity for manufacturers to tap into an essential pool of quality talent, innovation, and perspective. A diverse team makes an organization more resourceful and innovative, boosts revenue, and ultimately makes them more competitive in the marketplace.

As the state chamber of commerce, manufacturing association, and the National Association of Manufacturers state affiliate, AWB is uniquely positioned to address this doubling of manufacturing effort through policy, developing solutions for supply chain issues, workforce gaps, upskilling, access to capital, and many other issues that the industry faces.

If you are a woman or a person of color, we want to hear from you about what you need to start or grow your manufacturing business.

To take the survey, click the link below.